Pickles for bread? Surprisingly it didn’t suck

Has anyone seen the video going around Facebook showing a sandwich being made with a pickle instead of bread? Well I saw this and the idea intrigued me. I like pickles and I thought to myself, this is going to either really suck or be really good. I need to try this.

In the video, they take a whole dill pickle, cut it in half lengthwise and hollow out the area where the seeds are to make room for the ingredients. Honestly, I am far to lazy for this and I felt by doing so you loose to much of the pickle. So instead I bought the stackers that are already sliced. I took two slices out of the jar and laid them on a paper towel and blotted them with another to remove the excess juice.

I placed a lice of pickle on the plate then put a slice of hot pepper cheese folded in half on top of it. Next I added some chipped ham (because I’m a Yinzer from Southwestern Pennsylvania) but you can use sliced if you wish.

I sliced up some cherry tomatoes because that is what I had on hand but other sizes will work. I placed the tiny slices on top of the ham and then added another slice of cheese folded in half on top to help keep the tomatoes in place and just because I LOVE cheese. Topped the whole thing off with the second pickle slice.

The video had condiments but I really did not see the need for my own sandwich but you certainly could add some to yours if you prefer. for ease of eating I cut the sand which in half.

It was a little messy but not nearly as bad as I thought and it surprisingly tasted good. It isn’t something that I would want everyday but if you like pickles, it is worth a try and it is defiantly something I would do again in the future.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or a medical expert of any kind. Just a woman that has struggled with her weight for 40+ years and has finally found something that works for me. I’m sharing my journey. I believe everyone must find what works for them and there are many good programs and tools out there but regardless of what you choose you should check with your physician before starting any diet plan, program or lifestyle change.

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