Linda’s Low Carb Grocery List

I have a friend who was thinking of trying the low carb lifestyle ask me for a sample grocery list. While the great thing about this way of living is with the exception of foods classified as a carb or high carb food or those with sugar or other sweeteners artificial or otherwise, there is a lot to choose from. Here is just a sample of items you might find on my grocery list. I’m adding some staples that you may already have in your kitchen. And again this list is suited to that of me and my family, that does not mean this is all the foods you are limited to eating.

I also use some brand names either due to the amount of carbs or other reasons for the brand preference. I do not get kick backs from any of these companies. However if they want to through some money or product my way I will take it. Regardless, be rest assured, I will never mention a product or brand that I do not personally use or believe in.

  • Proteins
    Whole pork lion (we cut this into pork chops and some times a roast)
    Chicken tenders (raw not breaded)
    Tyson breaded 100% white meat frozen chicken breasts uncooked
    Chicken wings (no breading I buy frozen in a large quantity but fresh is good too)
    Parmasean Crusted tilapia
    Shrimp (frozen precooked non-breaded is my choice for sake of time. Great for scampi)
    Coconut Crusted Shrimp (frozen)
    Ham Steak
    Hot Dogs
    Hot Sausage
    Bacon (I use the precooked to save on mess and time)
    Beef Roast
    Ground beef (for hamburgers, taco salads, meatloaf etc.)
  • Dairy
    Cheese sticks (great for snacks I love the pepper jack and sharp cheddar. My daughter’s favorite is the colby jack)
    Cheese (shredded, sliced or in blocks whatever is going to suit your lifestyle and menu choices best.) I eat A LOT of cheese. Some of my favorites always on my list:
    Feta, Sharp Cheddar, Mozzarella, Baby Swiss, Pepperjack
    Blue Cheese salad dressing (I like Marzetti’s)
    Butter (Real only!)
    Chobani Plain Greek Yogurt (I buy two tubs at a time. I eat everyday with a piece of fresh fruit cut up in it and I also use it in place of sour cream in all of my Mexican inspired dishes)
    Cottage Cheese (because your body needs some fat and often foods without fat have added sugar I go for the low fat)
    Sabra Cucumber Dill Tzatziki Dip (I LOVE this stuff! I use it as a dip but also as a dressing on different salads)
  • Vegetables
    Grape tomatoes (I love these! easy to through in salads and great for snacking. I keep them on my kitchen counter at all times)
    Pre-washed salad (I mix it up and try different varieties but always go through a lot. If I’m doing taco salad that week I will go for the chopped romaine. I never buy iceberg, no nutritional value)
    Baby carrots (also great for salads and snacking)
    Pre-sliced radishes (great for salads and snacking)
    Salsa (pay close attention to the sugar content and choose the brand that has the least amount of sugars/carbs. Old El Paso is usually a good bet but there are others too. Always remember to READ YOUR LABLES!)
    Spaghetti Squash (I eat this hot with red or white sauce, just olive oil, or cold with Italian dressing mixed with feta and some other goodies)
    Spinach raw
  • Fruits
  • Other
    A1 steak sauce
    Pasta Sauce Red (I use Prego but like with the salsa please read your label and choose the least sugar/carbs)
    Pasta Sauce White/Alfredo (Remember some fat is okay. Read your labels and choose the lower carbs/sugars)
    Italian salad dressing (I like the Kraft Tuscan but Again READ YOUR LABLES)
    Olive Oil (try some flavored like DeLallo’s infused with herbs)
    Balsamic vinegar
    Garlic (minced)
    Almonds (great snack that can also be added to salads or yogurt with fruit. Great source of protein and vitamins. I buy the large bag and keep a small baggie in the car and in my purse)
    Blue Diamond flavored almonds (my favorites wasabi or salt and vinegar)
  • Beverages
    Tea (I have a variety of flavors on my counter to choose from that I drink hot or cold but without and sugars or sweeteners)
    Carbonated flavored waters (be very careful, there are only a few brands that do not add sweeteners to their water so READ YOUR LABLES)
    Alcoholic Beverages (I do drink beer and an occasional glass of wine. I won’t give up my Captain Morgan but it is limited and I only mix with other non-sweetened beverages. Also if you really want to loose weight you need to limit your intake of all alcoholic beverages for a variety of reasons)

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or a medical expert of any kind. Just a woman that has struggled with her weight for 40+ years and has finally found something that works for me. I’m sharing my journey. I believe everyone must find what works for them and there are many good programs and tools out there but regardless of what you choose you should check with your physician before starting any diet plan, program or lifestyle change.

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  1. Linda Browder says:

    I have been doing Keto since July 5, 2018 and my highest weight at that time was 210. As of date I am down to 190. Been stuck there for a couple of weeks.
    I am 70 years old, high blood pressure, T2 diabetes, and bad knees. Also in remission from breast cancer.
    It is true what they say about your cravings. I thought I couldn’t live without bread and sugars, especially sugar. But I certainly have..none since July 4. I dont crave fruit but do miss it. I see you have 2 servings a day. That would be great. How many carbs do you eat a day? I keep mine below 20.

    1. Linda Harkcom says:

      Hi Linda, So very sorry for the slow response. Congratulations on your weight loss and taking control of your health. It feels great doesn’t it? When I started I was counting my carbs but honestly I don’t anymore since when I am living my normal low carb life I don’t eat carbs other than the two pieces of fruit and a monthly treat. But when I started I was using My Fitness Pal which is a great app for your phone and I think you can get it on a tablet too. I believe I was eating about 25-50 grams a day, mostly on the lower end of that scale. I hope this helps you. Best of luck on your journey to better health!

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